Used GSSI 400 MHz GPR Antenna

Used GSSI 400 mHz GPR Antenna for sale, very lightly used year 2014 Model 50400S 400 MHz antenna

Excellent ready to working order condition, fully operational included handle, bracket and marker switch

The GSSI 400 mHz GPR Antenna is great for utility locating, ideally suited for shallow (down to 3 m) engineering and environmental applications; locate buried utilities, drums and underground storage tanks; Identify depth and location of objects of all construction materials, i.e., concrete pipes, plastic drums, fiberglass tanks; Identify voids under man-made structures such as roads, runways and buildings.

Center Frequency: 400 MHz
Depth Range: 0-4 m (0-12 ft)
Weight: 5 kg (11 lbs)
Dimensions: 30x30x17 cm
(12x12x6.5 in)
Model 50400S


The Model 50400S is a 400 MHz “smart” antenna. This antenna has a special chip in it that will work with the SIR-30 and SI-4000 control units (not the SIR-3000). This chip will identify the antenna to the SIR-system control unit so that the controller will be able to automatically load up the correct default settings. The 50400S will function with all GSSI’s previous controllers, but the user will need to manually set the collection parameters on the SIR-system.

Center Frequency 400 MHz
Depth Range 0-4 m (0-12 ft)
Weight 5 kg (11 lbs)
Dimensions 30x30x17 cm (12x12x6.5 in)
Model 50400S



The 400MHz antenna can be securely mounted in 2 positions on the 62X cart. Middle or front mounted, both designed for flat or off road environments.


The 400Mhz antenna can also be placed in the 65X cart for a complete IP65 solution. This configuration is recommended on flat to semi-rough and uneven environments.

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