New MALA Easy Locator Core Intelligent Ground penetrating radar (GPR)

MALA Easy Locator Core is a state of the art, high quality, intelligent ground penetrating radar for utility locating professionals. MALÅ Easy Locator Core includes real-time interpretation support through MALÅ AI; wireless data collection using mobile devices; cloud storage, post-processing and on-site reporting using MALÅ Vision Cloud Software.

MALÅ Easy Locator Core is a completely new solution and the next revolution in Utility Locating. It honors our traditional MALÅ values: market leading ease-of use, unsurpassed reliability, and data quality. The first Easy Locator series became the industry standard two decades ago. The Easy Locator Core is now the new standard for utility locating professionals. Easy Locator Core is the result of Guideline Geo’s commitment to deliver customer-oriented solutions.

​MALÅ Easy Locator Core has been designed for easy logistics and handling in the field. The antenna footprint of the antenna has been minimized without reducing the superior data quality of the MALÅ HDR antenna. The light-weight construction makes it easy to carry and handle. Wheels are removable and the antenna can be used with the redesigned RTC Mini for more demanding terrain.

The Easy Locator Core is a state-of-the-art Swedish quality product built on the latest research and innovation. It includes unique MALÅ features, such as MALÅ AI, Dynamic grid, Dynamic Menus, and direct access to MALÅ Vision connecting all MALÅ products.

  • As any MALÅ product, it delivers market leading data quality with unsurpassed resolution, bandwidth, and data clarity
  • Optimized for locating utilities. Intuitive for beginners and complete for experts
  • Will traverse any terrain. Combined with our Rough Terrain Cart it will easily go where others can’t
  • Access your data anywhere, anytime. Visualize. Interpret. Deliver. All with the fastest workflow on the market
  • Finally, it’s the world’s first intelligent GPR solution with real-time interpretation support. For the first time in history GPR users will have intelligent real-time support from MALÅ AI while collecting data.

All included in one complete solution from MALÅ. The Easy Locator Core

The MALÅ Easy Locator Core is the new standard for utility locating. It focuses on helping users getting the job done in any terrain, minimizing time spent in the field. The MALÅ Easy Locator Core is a Swedish quality product, designed, developed, and produced by Guideline Geo.
Thoroughly tested in the toughest conditions around the world. MALÅ Easy Locator Core includes Guideline Geo’s latest research, innovations, and technologies such as MALÅ AI, MALÅ Controller App, MALÅ Vision and MALÅ HDR real-time sampling data collection. Real-time MALÅ AI interpretation support is a revolution in the GPR world. MALÅ Easy Locator Core is the first product world-wide using intelligent real-time interpretation support for utility locating. All markers set by MALÅ AI can be converted to standard markers with localized utility color codes directly in the field. MALÅ Controller App is optimized for secure wireless data acquisition and storage. The acquisition software runs on Android devices and has a direct connection to MALÅ Vision for online storage, visualization, processing, interpretation, and reporting. Both MALÅ Controller App and MALÅ Vision is updated regularly.
​MALÅ Vision Premium is an online software package for fast 2D, 3D visualization, interpretation, and reporting. The Easy Locator Core includes 3 months of service. If not the renewed the Premium license will default back to a free-of-charge MALÅ Vision Community license.

Traverse any terrain. The Easy Locator Core works on any surface and in any terrain.
In its basic configuration it is ideal for confined spaces and flat surfaces,
Together with MALÅ RTC Mini it is the market leading cart solution for rough terrain surveying.

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