New MALA GroundExplorer GX HDR GPR

MALA GroundExplorer GX HDR GPR new standard for GPR solutions. The powerful MALÅ HDR technology provides the user with unmatched versatility and performance. Integration, ease of use and flexible configurations are just a few of the features in the MALÅ GroundExplorer. Add to this the superior data quality, the resolution, and performance in MALÅ GroundExplorer over conventional GPR.

Due to the exceptional bandwidth and the high dynamic range, MALÅ GroundExplorer and other HDR enabled products will deliver far better results than conventional GPR solutions. In most media, HDR enabled GPR solutions deliver deeper penetration without compromising surface resolution.
In terms of data quality, power management and data acquisition speed, the HDR technology has transformed the MALÅ GroundExplorer into the most powerful, comprehensive and focused GPR utility location solution on the market today

With unprecedented data quality, maximum continuous run-time of 14 hours, a new optimized user interface and built-in GPS receiver, while maintaining the same competitive pricing, MALÅ Easy Locator HDR is a game changer at every level.

GPR data acquisition in now available on your mobile device!  The MALÅ Controller App is an easy-to-use acquisition software to help you go as fast as possible from data collection to delivering results. If your Ground Explorer device is APP-Enabled try downloading the software today.


  • Well designed, field-rugged enclosure
  • Built-in power supply and DGPS
  • Reduced footprint and weight
  • Simplified graphical user interface
  • In-the-field processing and interpretation
  • Visible cables reduced to a minimum
  • High resolution HDR controller display
  • Two component system with one cable
  • All antennas meet FCC, EC and IC regulatory limits on radio emissions

Users will appreciate the high signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) of the MALÅ GroundExplorer. The low noise, 32-bit, output brings clarity to GPR data never seen before. THE MALÅ GROUNDEXPLORER is the latest addition to MALÅ’s versatile range of GPR solutions. To date, the MALÅ GroundExplorer is the first commercial GPR solution available that incorporates the advantages of modern real-time sampling. The unique HDR technology combined with a vast experience of end-user’s’ needs incorporated into the MALÅ GroundExplorer offers easy-to-use GPR solutions built into field rugged platform.

HDR advantages compared to conventional GPR technology

  • Significantly faster data acquisition rates
  • Greater signal-to-noise ratio
  • Increased bandwidth
  • Unprecedented dynamic range and resolution
  • Higher number of significant bits
  • Greater depth penetration
  • Better detection capabilities

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